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Who is Occupy Atlanta?

ATLANTA – Occupy Atlanta consist of Atlanta citizens who follow a nonviolent protest in Downtown Atlanta at Woodruff Park.

The occupation is apart of the national movement started by Occupy Wall Street in New York City. Protestors aim to focus on current government officials and take back money interest that are effecting the economy. Could it be that 99% of average income Americans are being placed second to the 1% of wealthy Americans? Many protestors believe the government is no longer for the people, but the people of America make the government. Supporters such as: Hip-Hop legend, Afrika Bambaataa and Civil Rights activist, Joe Beasley have shared their thoughts at today’s press conference. Mayor Kasim Reed held a press conference stating the protest must cease due to this past weekend troubles.

Stayed tuned as more details unfold.

Protestors of Occupy Atlanta at a rally inside Woodruff Park.


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