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Introducing: Seven4Seven

Growing up in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Atlanta, Ga “The Bluff” near NorthWest Atlanta is a place known from racial tension, crime, and drugs; however, many citizens call it home. Seven4Seven Urban wear is recognized by the address [747] of creator’s Jasmine Douglas grandmothers’ home in The Bluff. This home is where generations of the Douglas were born and raised. Sadly, the family lost their loved one to cancer in 2006, but the address 747 still stands over 35 years and will continue to live on.

MadmPhr3sh, the genius mind behind "Seven4Seven" is bringing meaningful, fashionable t-shirts and sweatshirts to a "hood" near you.

Turning a bad situation in a business, Jasmine created her own clothing line called Seven4Seven. This is the first design that is followed by the popular saying “HollyHood” signed off with a star. This vintage, urban wear mission is to guarantee the customer comfort while wearing the clothing. Maybe you’re in need for a trip to the gym and don’t have proper attire? Well Seven4Seven will keep you feeling warm and looking great while you break a sweat.

Seven4Seven brings together a royal blue and lime green sweatshirt for the Fall season.

Seven4Seven’s website is under construction, but you can follow on Twitter at @MadmJazzyPhr3sh or via Facebook under “Jasmine Douglas” if you’re looking to make purchase, the hood is always bunkin’.


Whether it's a trip to the mall or jogging though the park, HollyHood can be assesed with you everyday clothing.




School is in Session with Ahead of Class

You have all the essentials to start a successful school term: pens and notebooks but we’ve got the exclusive on how to stay Ahead of Class this fall and winter season. Started by brothers Cortez Sailor and Devin Bolton, Ahead of Class will debut this fall and winter season. The casual and urban style will give shoppers options of t-shirts, hoodies, and letterman jackets. Available in both male and female, the line is meant to be fashionable and not trendy since trends fade and fashion is forever. The future line stand as two folded stories: being ahead of class in school (academically), as well as ahead of ‘class’ifications (people). Stay tuned for more updates and releases as Ahead of Class unfolds.

Ahead of Class will begin classes this Fall and Winter season. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming features with Ahead of Class.

Intensity of the Eye with DânKel

DânKel by Stephanie Gordelle has become the hottest sunglasses brand since its premier in April 2010. Since high school, Stephanie was known as “SupaStar: coolest sunglasses with a different pair every day.” A sudden injury during her sophomore year of college inspired the beginning work of DânKel, which Gordelle calls her “beautiful mistake”. As Stephanie moves into her senior year at Clark Atlanta University, DânKel is looking to make a name in the clothing industry aside accessorizing with sunglasses. With DânKel’s originality and uniqueness, the ultimate goal is to have everyone enjoy the art of fashion by promoting simple elegance with an edge. Be sure to check your favorite retail store in the near future as DânKel will make a debut. Remember you heard the exclusive scope with Flyy to Success.

Sunglasses exclusively from DanKel

Dressing for the Weather; Go Abercrombie

Summer has arrived with rising temperatures of 90 degrees and staying cool is the best solution. In today’s fashion, Abercrombie and Fitch will keep you feeling fresh and cool all Summer long.

Founded in 1892 by David T. Abercrombie and Ezra T. Fitch in Manhattan, NY, the two entered the fashion scene with a relaxed, yet elegant look. Abercrombie and Fitch has become one of today’s popular culture clothing. Although, the popular brand seemed to succeed, A&F filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1976; eventually, closing the Manhattan store in 1977. Today, classic 1892 shirts, fitted sweatpants, and ever-lasting fragrance has made A&F today’s biggest American retail of casual wear (ages 18-24). Over the years, A&F has opened more than 300 stores worldwide and opened its style to children clothing.

If you’re looking to stay cool and also stay fly this Summer I would recommend Abercrombie & Fitch. It means a lot to stay comfortable during Southern heat and remain up to part while sweating. A&F carries varies types of shirts, tank tops, cargos, sweatpants, skirts, and swimwear to keep you looking good this Summer. Don’t forget to visit www.ambercrombie.comfor the latest clothing and offers.

Abercrombie & Fitch models

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