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No Woman Ever Found A Rich Man Ugly

The aphorism “no woman ever found a rich man ugly” reminds me of a similar saying my Grandmother told me, “where rich men go, women will follow”. Often I have seen beautiful woman with unattractive men and questioned is that her man? For example, one day I was shopping at Greenbrair Mall and entered a clothing store. After I found an outfit, I waited in line where I saw an unattractive man and a gorgeous woman. The woman was dressed very nice, while the man looked as though he was gum on the bottom of my shoe. Once I glimpsed at their total of clothing, $576, the man pulled out at least one thousand dollars, and multiple diamond rings. Amazingly, I assumed he was a rich man with a beautiful trophy woman on his side. According to the aphorism “no woman ever found a rich man ugly’ I would find this saying true because a rich man’s money will take away from his lack of being attractive.

In today’s entertainment media we find many woman and men in the situation of a woman ever finding a rich man ugly. From Jay-Z and Beyonce to Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson, where the man is very wealthy and lack attractiveness, while the woman is absolutely gorgeous. Although these men are considered “ugly” upon society they are major CEOs of their companies and entrepreneurs, which makes them very wealthy. Several woman I befriend have great personalities, outstanding bodies, but no flaw is complete without beauty. Take my friend, Nichole, a perfect 5’5 height, slender (petite) waist, light skin, with long hair. With this description you would expect my friend to have a gorgeous man, but maybe opposites attract. Nichole’s boyfriend is very heavy-set, barley dresses up, and comes off very lazy, but he is one of the wealthiest men in the neighborhood. Sometimes I wondered why did my friend like such an unattractive man, but in her words, “As long as he keeps a check all I see is pretty!” Basically, in society it doesn’t matter if a man is handsome or not, as long as he keeps his money pretty green then he will always have a beautiful woman on his side.

Does the phrase “A woman never finds a rich man ugly” compare to today’s Hollywood couples?

I agree with the aphorism “no woman ever found a rich man ugly” because money will always keep a beautiful woman. In times, people view these beautiful woman as being “gold-diggers” and in new term “sack-chasers” because the man is ugly and the woman is beautiful. In many intensities, that statement is true because many woman are in for money. The lack of being handsome does not worry many ugly men because they are very wealthy and choose to have the most beautiful woman as their trophy.


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