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Introducing: Seven4Seven

Growing up in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Atlanta, Ga “The Bluff” near NorthWest Atlanta is a place known from racial tension, crime, and drugs; however, many citizens call it home. Seven4Seven Urban wear is recognized by the address [747] of creator’s Jasmine Douglas grandmothers’ home in The Bluff. This home is where generations of the Douglas were born and raised. Sadly, the family lost their loved one to cancer in 2006, but the address 747 still stands over 35 years and will continue to live on.

MadmPhr3sh, the genius mind behind "Seven4Seven" is bringing meaningful, fashionable t-shirts and sweatshirts to a "hood" near you.

Turning a bad situation in a business, Jasmine created her own clothing line called Seven4Seven. This is the first design that is followed by the popular saying “HollyHood” signed off with a star. This vintage, urban wear mission is to guarantee the customer comfort while wearing the clothing. Maybe you’re in need for a trip to the gym and don’t have proper attire? Well Seven4Seven will keep you feeling warm and looking great while you break a sweat.

Seven4Seven brings together a royal blue and lime green sweatshirt for the Fall season.

Seven4Seven’s website is under construction, but you can follow on Twitter at @MadmJazzyPhr3sh or via Facebook under “Jasmine Douglas” if you’re looking to make purchase, the hood is always bunkin’.


Whether it's a trip to the mall or jogging though the park, HollyHood can be assesed with you everyday clothing.




Great-Grandmother Gets Tree Branch Removed from Home

Last night I heard the devastating news of a elderly blind woman, who’s home had been struck by a large tree branch couldn’t afford to get it repaired. The 68-year-old great-grandmother is blind and is not capable to get around well, but heard the rumble as the tree came crashing down on her home in Southwest Atlanta. Mrs. Carolyn Tucker couldn’t afford the $2,000 to have the tree removed because she did not have home insurance. Imagine the rainy weather coming in and the cold front of the Fall season blowing into the home. Many people heard this heartbreaking story and a tree company, Don’s Tree Service, decided to donate their service to Mrs. Tucker. She is very grateful for the service they donated.

Dressing for the Weather; Go Abercrombie

Summer has arrived with rising temperatures of 90 degrees and staying cool is the best solution. In today’s fashion, Abercrombie and Fitch will keep you feeling fresh and cool all Summer long.

Founded in 1892 by David T. Abercrombie and Ezra T. Fitch in Manhattan, NY, the two entered the fashion scene with a relaxed, yet elegant look. Abercrombie and Fitch has become one of today’s popular culture clothing. Although, the popular brand seemed to succeed, A&F filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1976; eventually, closing the Manhattan store in 1977. Today, classic 1892 shirts, fitted sweatpants, and ever-lasting fragrance has made A&F today’s biggest American retail of casual wear (ages 18-24). Over the years, A&F has opened more than 300 stores worldwide and opened its style to children clothing.

If you’re looking to stay cool and also stay fly this Summer I would recommend Abercrombie & Fitch. It means a lot to stay comfortable during Southern heat and remain up to part while sweating. A&F carries varies types of shirts, tank tops, cargos, sweatpants, skirts, and swimwear to keep you looking good this Summer. Don’t forget to visit www.ambercrombie.comfor the latest clothing and offers.

Abercrombie & Fitch models

Congratulations Jasmine Hilton

Recognizing a well-known senior of Frederick Douglass High School, Jasmine Hilton will be making her debut across the stage Saturday at the Atlanta Civic Center as well as 200+ seniors.

Since her childhood, Jasmine has been in love with music. From the soothing sounds of Jazz or the rhythmical lyrics of Hip-Hop, music has always been a favorite pass time. Since the age of 12, she has also played the clarinet with Douglass High marching band. Under the construction of her favorite band director, Mr. Moody, Jasmine has learned the field of music through early and late practices to the annual Honda Battle of the Bands.

Saturday will end the chapter of high school, but will open the door to a collegiate start. Jasmine has been excepted into Savannah State University and the University of West Georgia, where she plans to attend UWG and study Psychology and Environmental Science.

As your elder cousin, I am very proud of you. You’ve accomplished so much and there is much more in store for the future. I know you will stay on the right track, work hard, and make me proud to see you walk across the college stage in 2015!

Shots Fired at Capital Homes Reunion

The annual Capital Homes Day Reunion turned chaotic when shots were fired leaving six injured including a one-year-old.

This day is meant for all the fallen victims of the Capital Homes community whom were killed by violent actions. The message stands clear that violence is not the key to solving problems, but I assume no one received the message. Two men began to argue while one of the men reached for his firearm. He was told to put down the gun when three unidentified cars pulled up and began to fire shots. Six people are considered injured including a one-year-old child who was shot in the foot. He is placed at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in critical conditions.

I just want to know when will men become men? Just fight, dap each other, and move on! Praying for the victims who were shot and trampled at the event and remember to always play it safe!

Spelman Class of 2011 Encouraged By Michelle Obama

Today, the women of Spelman College turned the tassel and received their degrees. The almost 10,000 crowd of proud parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles were not only there to watch the commencement march, but to also seek a glimpse at First Lady Michelle Obama. Looking around the crowd, someone point actress Phylicia Rashad at the commencement. The First Lady was welcomed with an uproar of applause and graced the crowd with a beautiful smile. Although I was not there I know the message will live on to the graduates and crowd as many of us will be graduating in 2012.

First lady Michelle Obama, right, reacts to the uproar of applause before giving her commencement speech.

Atlanta: Home or Foe?

The capital, the lime-life, the South’s Hollywood: Atlanta, GA. In a city where tomorrow’s new face could make millions on billboards or pan-handle on the corner of Five Points. Coming from a place where fashion rules and attitudes clash, being accustomed to “the city” only brings what? A check? Lunch at Beni’s? “Pulling up”? The life is fun for moments, but who really wants to stay here forever? Let’s get real and make money! The kind where you can receive a tax deductible. Hey, it’s an option.

I’ve had some of the best and worst days here in Atlanta, but it’s time to move along and become serious about life. The nightlife will always be there, while success waits for no one!

Welcome to Atlanta: Home of Success or Failure

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