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Let’s Get One Thing Straight, I’m Not!

I often found myself wondering if there were others like me, was I an alien from outer space, is there something wrong with me that others criticize? My voice, gestures, and body language revealed a hidden secret that I had tried to keep from my family and friends.

The basic energy of masculine vs. feminine played a major role in my early development of homosexuality. I recognized many of my attributes in other girls rather than the boys and I had a feeling of wanting to be around masculine energy on some level. With that idea in mind I thought am I doing something wrong? Growing up in a Christian environment in the middle of homosexuality sin became a major struggle knowing of man and woman, not Adam and Steve. It was extremely disturbing for me to think my family and friends might not accept my sexual orientation because men aren’t meant for meant. In this situation, I refused to accept my sexuality and continued to act in a heterosexual manner.

While other boys were playing recreational sports I sat aside conversing with girls. My talkative attribute became a sign of homosexuality as how many boys did not talk, yet along to the opposite sex.The biggest factor on my list had become minor as I began to accept my sexuality; although, not everyone was ready to accept my factor. To this day, my father still disapproves my sexuality as being a abomination to our family name. As I began to accept my sexuality, I thought my father would understand. The pain of a fathers disagreement grew heavy on my teenage heart until I began to find acceptance within myself more than a need for being respected as an individual. With my family and friends acceptance I began to not worry about what others thought of me.

Having a voice in the LBGT community means more than being proud of your orientation. It takes a huge sacrifice to become a statistic of the heterosexual world. Be aware that everyone is not modern with homosexuality. Being true to myself and finding acceptance within myself and select people have brought me a long way


Save Troy Davis

More than 20 years ago, Troy Davis was convicted in August 1989 for allegedly killing a off-duty Savannah police officer [Mark MacPhail]. On September 20, 2011, the board has denied his clemency. With no leading evidence and jurors changing their story, how can one decide life or death to Troy Davis? A petition with over 650,000 signatures and world leaders such as: former President Jimmy Carter, Al Sharpton, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu does not mean a thing to the board that has decided his fate. What is the ultimate goal here: killing an innocent man or closure to a case no one can solve? Save Troy Davis!

With little evidence, Troy Davis has reached his last appeal for life. On September 20, 2011, the board has decided to send Davis to death row.

Gucci Mane Lands Another Six Months in Jail

It seems as though East Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane La Flare cannot stay out of jail. Earlier today, the rapper pleaded guilty on charges of battery, reckless conduct, and disorderly conduct. Earlier this year, Gucci was arrested for throwing a woman from a moving vehicle. Gucci will serve six months in jail, upon release he will also join anger management, and will have to pay for the woman’s medical bills summing to more than $4,000.

Gucci Mane will serve six months in prison on several charges including throwing a woman from a vehicle.

School is in Session with Ahead of Class

You have all the essentials to start a successful school term: pens and notebooks but we’ve got the exclusive on how to stay Ahead of Class this fall and winter season. Started by brothers Cortez Sailor and Devin Bolton, Ahead of Class will debut this fall and winter season. The casual and urban style will give shoppers options of t-shirts, hoodies, and letterman jackets. Available in both male and female, the line is meant to be fashionable and not trendy since trends fade and fashion is forever. The future line stand as two folded stories: being ahead of class in school (academically), as well as ahead of ‘class’ifications (people). Stay tuned for more updates and releases as Ahead of Class unfolds.

Ahead of Class will begin classes this Fall and Winter season. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming features with Ahead of Class.

Memphitz Arrested for Gun in Airport Called “Addicent”

Hip-hop artist turned husband Memphitz Wright was arrested on Monday by TSA on gun charges.

Mickey Wright, Jr. better known as “Memphitz” was arrested Monday morning after TSA agents say they found a pistol in his luggage. After spending a night in the Clayton County Jail, Wright made his first apperance in court today. In the court room dressed in an orange jumpsuit, handcuffed, and ankles shackled, the rapper was charged with a misdemeanor offense of carrying a weapon in an unauthorized location. Bond was set for $5,000; although, Wright does have a legal Georgia gun license, you should remember to remove it when traveling!

Intensity of the Eye with DânKel

DânKel by Stephanie Gordelle has become the hottest sunglasses brand since its premier in April 2010. Since high school, Stephanie was known as “SupaStar: coolest sunglasses with a different pair every day.” A sudden injury during her sophomore year of college inspired the beginning work of DânKel, which Gordelle calls her “beautiful mistake”. As Stephanie moves into her senior year at Clark Atlanta University, DânKel is looking to make a name in the clothing industry aside accessorizing with sunglasses. With DânKel’s originality and uniqueness, the ultimate goal is to have everyone enjoy the art of fashion by promoting simple elegance with an edge. Be sure to check your favorite retail store in the near future as DânKel will make a debut. Remember you heard the exclusive scope with Flyy to Success.

Sunglasses exclusively from DanKel

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry Set to Tribute to Britney Spears

Today’s popular Pop culture artist from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry and Pop icon, Janet Jackson will pay tribute to Pop Diva Britney Spears at the 2011 MTV video music awards. The line up consist of hits from “Oops! I Did It Again” and “I’m A Slave for You”. Although the tribute is not set in stone, Spears tweeted “I heart @MTV. This is definitely going to be a night to remember.” Hint, hint I think it’s a GO!

Remember to watch the 2011 VMAs Sunday, August 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Britney Spears looking to seek tribute on the 2011 MTV music awards.

Where Did MAC Pink Nouveau Really Begin?

Molly Ringwald in the 1984 classic "Sixteen Candles" wearing the original MAC pink lipstick.

Introduced in the 80s by Molly Ringwald, the color pink has become the color of glamour. The color relevant to today’s MAC Pink Nouveau has taken the makeup industry blooming for more pink. In present times, hip-hop mogul Nicki Minaj has been the eye candy for wearing the bright, creamy pink satin formula. In November 2010, Minaj launched her Pink 4 Friday lipstick with MAC cosmetics for a limited time only. Pink Nouveau can be found at your local MAC counter or favorite cosmetic store nationwide.

In modern times, Hip-Hop mogul Nicki Minaj wears MAC Pink 4 Friday lipstick.

Hilary Duff AKA Lizzie McGuire is Preggo

The famous Disney star of Lizzie McGuire announced Sunday that she and her husband, Mike Comrie, are expecting their first child. The couple also celebrated their first year anniversary yesterday on August 14. On her daily blog, Duff updated “I can’t believe it has already been a year, time really flies when you’re having fun. We also want to share the exciting news that… BABY MAKES THREE!!! We are  extremely happy and ready to start this new chapter of our lives.” Best wishes to Hilary and Mike through this nine month trail.

Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie sharing a kiss.

Jean Jacket & Blazer Comeback

Jean jackets make a huge comeback as a Fall must have, as worn by Cortez Sailor.

Have you ever heard the phrase “History repeats itself?” It seems as though present fashion has made a comeback for jean jackets and blazers. Jean jackets have become a popular seller in most urban stores such as H&M and Urban Outfitters. Most buyers look to individualized jean jackets by adding pin buttons. While most men prefer jean jackets, many women enjoy shopping for blazers. From the idea of a men’s suit jacket, retail stores such as Target and Kohl’s have received the largest retail of blazers. This fall a comeback for jean jackets and blazers will be the hottest trends this season.

Blazer comeback with earring and pins as the best accessories, as worn by Starr Bennett.




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