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Let’s Get One Thing Straight, I’m Not!

I often found myself wondering if there were others like me, was I an alien from outer space, is there something wrong with me that others criticize? My voice, gestures, and body language revealed a hidden secret that I had tried to keep from my family and friends.

The basic energy of masculine vs. feminine played a major role in my early development of homosexuality. I recognized many of my attributes in other girls rather than the boys and I had a feeling of wanting to be around masculine energy on some level. With that idea in mind I thought am I doing something wrong? Growing up in a Christian environment in the middle of homosexuality sin became a major struggle knowing of man and woman, not Adam and Steve. It was extremely disturbing for me to think my family and friends might not accept my sexual orientation because men aren’t meant for meant. In this situation, I refused to accept my sexuality and continued to act in a heterosexual manner.

While other boys were playing recreational sports I sat aside conversing with girls. My talkative attribute became a sign of homosexuality as how many boys did not talk, yet along to the opposite sex.The biggest factor on my list had become minor as I began to accept my sexuality; although, not everyone was ready to accept my factor. To this day, my father still disapproves my sexuality as being a abomination to our family name. As I began to accept my sexuality, I thought my father would understand. The pain of a fathers disagreement grew heavy on my teenage heart until I began to find acceptance within myself more than a need for being respected as an individual. With my family and friends acceptance I began to not worry about what others thought of me.

Having a voice in the LBGT community means more than being proud of your orientation. It takes a huge sacrifice to become a statistic of the heterosexual world. Be aware that everyone is not modern with homosexuality. Being true to myself and finding acceptance within myself and select people have brought me a long way


Save Troy Davis

More than 20 years ago, Troy Davis was convicted in August 1989 for allegedly killing a off-duty Savannah police officer [Mark MacPhail]. On September 20, 2011, the board has denied his clemency. With no leading evidence and jurors changing their story, how can one decide life or death to Troy Davis? A petition with over 650,000 signatures and world leaders such as: former President Jimmy Carter, Al Sharpton, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu does not mean a thing to the board that has decided his fate. What is the ultimate goal here: killing an innocent man or closure to a case no one can solve? Save Troy Davis!

With little evidence, Troy Davis has reached his last appeal for life. On September 20, 2011, the board has decided to send Davis to death row.

Beautiful Skin, Ugly Tans

Summer has arrived, temperatures have risen, and we’re all ready for fun in the sun. Lately, I’ve come accustomed to how beautiful the skin is and how to protect it during Summer’s sun rays with one simple asset: sunscreen.

During the Summer, the skin is very sensitive. No matter of age, race, or gender, the skin will discolor quickly and scar easily; however the skin will get darker and can become more sensitive leaving those unwanted sunburns and tan lines. Many people who spend their Summer days in the sun are not aware they are possible victims of skin cancer. This cancer is 100% preventable with a little sunscreen. Here is my guide to having beautiful sunscreen, tan-free skin.

1. Choose a sunscreen. I prefer Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock SPF 70 because it is waterproof and oil-free. Also make sure you read the labels before purchasing due to allergic reaction or skin problem.

2. 15 minutes before proceeding into the sun, apply sunscreen. This gives your skin time to absorb before getting into the sun’s rays. For those hard to reach places, such as the back, as a friend to apply.

3. Squeeze sunscreen into palm and rub where the skin will be shown. Rub into the skin until there is no more visible sunscreen.

4. Enjoy your time out in the sun. Now your beautiful skin will stay healthy while you enjoy your outdoor activities. Remember to re-apply sunscreen EVERY hour.

Whodini Said It Best “Friends: How Many of Us Have Them?”

From their 1984 album “Escape” Whodini hit the Hip-Hop mainstream with “Friends”. As heard in commercials and movies, this song relates to many situations that relate to friendship. Webster defines friend as a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard, but does the dictionary really know the true meaning of “friend”?

The list of a friend can go on for years, but do you really know who your friend is?

I’m proud to say I’ve been a great friend to those I’ve known for years to my recent social network friends. Although I have not met many of you, I know the day will come when we can relax on Miami beach (Starr) or finally have that legal 21 drink (Ambry).

Making friends outside your circle is ok, experience a different view on the world. It’s not all Louie, Gucci, Prada. Lenox, Saks, Perimeter. Become apart of festivals, marathons, or solo time! Make Summer 2011 a memorable one with new friends.

Atlanta: Home or Foe?

The capital, the lime-life, the South’s Hollywood: Atlanta, GA. In a city where tomorrow’s new face could make millions on billboards or pan-handle on the corner of Five Points. Coming from a place where fashion rules and attitudes clash, being accustomed to “the city” only brings what? A check? Lunch at Beni’s? “Pulling up”? The life is fun for moments, but who really wants to stay here forever? Let’s get real and make money! The kind where you can receive a tax deductible. Hey, it’s an option.

I’ve had some of the best and worst days here in Atlanta, but it’s time to move along and become serious about life. The nightlife will always be there, while success waits for no one!

Welcome to Atlanta: Home of Success or Failure

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