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Where Did MAC Pink Nouveau Really Begin?

Molly Ringwald in the 1984 classic "Sixteen Candles" wearing the original MAC pink lipstick.

Introduced in the 80s by Molly Ringwald, the color pink has become the color of glamour. The color relevant to today’s MAC Pink Nouveau has taken the makeup industry blooming for more pink. In present times, hip-hop mogul Nicki Minaj has been the eye candy for wearing the bright, creamy pink satin formula. In November 2010, Minaj launched her Pink 4 Friday lipstick with MAC cosmetics for a limited time only. Pink Nouveau can be found at your local MAC counter or favorite cosmetic store nationwide.

In modern times, Hip-Hop mogul Nicki Minaj wears MAC Pink 4 Friday lipstick.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Confirm Pants as Beach Cover-Ups

This past week Mercedes-Benz celebrated their annual fashion week in blazing Miami, Florida. The week focused on swimsuit wear for summer 2012 consisting of the popular two pieces. On the final day, fashion week was introduced to vibrant colors and print stripes of beach pant cover-ups. Various spectators were wowed by the tropical, fluorescent pants conforming it the fashion statement for summer 2012. It seems as though pants will be making a sizzle on the beach next summer, but don’t grab those winter Rock and Republic jeans. Head to your local shopping mall for the cool beach cover-up pants next summer.

Nicolita wow the auidence with their summer beach cover-up pants.

Beautiful Skin, Ugly Tans

Summer has arrived, temperatures have risen, and we’re all ready for fun in the sun. Lately, I’ve come accustomed to how beautiful the skin is and how to protect it during Summer’s sun rays with one simple asset: sunscreen.

During the Summer, the skin is very sensitive. No matter of age, race, or gender, the skin will discolor quickly and scar easily; however the skin will get darker and can become more sensitive leaving those unwanted sunburns and tan lines. Many people who spend their Summer days in the sun are not aware they are possible victims of skin cancer. This cancer is 100% preventable with a little sunscreen. Here is my guide to having beautiful sunscreen, tan-free skin.

1. Choose a sunscreen. I prefer Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock SPF 70 because it is waterproof and oil-free. Also make sure you read the labels before purchasing due to allergic reaction or skin problem.

2. 15 minutes before proceeding into the sun, apply sunscreen. This gives your skin time to absorb before getting into the sun’s rays. For those hard to reach places, such as the back, as a friend to apply.

3. Squeeze sunscreen into palm and rub where the skin will be shown. Rub into the skin until there is no more visible sunscreen.

4. Enjoy your time out in the sun. Now your beautiful skin will stay healthy while you enjoy your outdoor activities. Remember to re-apply sunscreen EVERY hour.

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